What makes us different?

Health and Quality of Life

We have a gym for employees, which has cutting edge equipment and an instructor who provides advice on exercise routines so that our employees achieve their goals.
One of the first benefits you’ll get by working at Palace Resorts, are revisions and discounts on health services such as dental care, medical check up, eye care, among other services. We want to see you always happy!
We organize sports soccer tournaments annually in which all employees can participate, these activities promote coexistence and healthy competition.
We have sports classes that encourage movement and physical activity of our employees letting them have pleasant moments, taking care of their body.

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Incentives and Recognition

We have an incentive program called “Wow Factor!” where we reward high quality service. This program is based on a points system which can be accrued and then exchanged for great prizes such as appliances, dinners and even nights in our hotels.
Every two month’s sessions are held, where we recognize the employees that are promoted, the employee and supervisor of the bimester, the champions of Trip Advisor and a recognition is delivered to the departments that have achieved their business goals.
To recognize employees who have been giving their best effort and dedication for 5, 10, 15, 20 or older, annual events are conducted at Palace Resorts that reward their stay in the company.
We believe that our growth must be from within and we can only achieve this through the development of our employees . For every promotion that is given to a partner , your family gets a letter of appreciation for his great professional work.

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Events of integration and social responsibility

For Palace Resorts social responsibility is very important, so we make a toy drive throughout the month of December and January for children from marginalized communities, this way they can have a fun and memorable day of Kings.
We offer offer recognition breakfast for children of employees who have attended and completed the full school year of preschool, primary, secondary and high school with an average rating that exceeds 9.
Caring for the environment is another fundamental and important point for us, we have various activities that promote conservation as cleanup activities on the beaches and turtle release with collaborators. These activities may also involve the children of our employees, so they can live this beautiful moment.
In the “Family Day” we seek to foster the union, so we organize family visits for all employees to different workplaces and properties so they can share good times together.

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